The best place to find Yorkie puppies for sale is to look to your local breeder. You want to be able to go to the person and get to know the person. It will also give you the opportunity to visit where the dogs are kept, see and inspect the dam and the sire, and just get a feel for the whole place.

This way when you purchase your new baby you will have the confidence that they were well taken care of when they were little and you pretty well know what you are getting.

If you don’t have a local breeder you might have to search outside of your town or even your state to find Yorkie puppies for sale. If that’s the case it’s best to try to keep it as close to home as possible. While many breeders will ship the puppy to you, it might not be ideal for you.

If you can’t find one within driving distance you’ll have to turn to the internet to help you find what you are looking for. By simply typing in Yorkie puppies for sale into your favorite search engine, you will come up with a plethora of options. Since you can’t go to them or them to you, you will need to be very careful in your research.

You might want to ask to see papers if they claim their dogs are AKC registered. Don’t worry about offending the breeder, a good breeder will have the papers out and ready for you to see. They want to show off their dogs, and that includes any papers.

When you’re looking for Yorkie puppies for sale it really does all come down to the breeder. You are ultimately going to be spending a lot of money for this dog. If your dog has papers, or can get them because of the parents, they will cost even more than those that don’t or can’t.

Whether or not they are able to be registered is only important to the person that will own the dog. If you don’t care about showing the one and just want to know you have a Yorkshire Terrier without a doubt, papers won’t matter so much.

Adopting one of these precious dogs is a great way to add joy to your life. Take your time when you are doing your search so that you get a good, healthy dog.

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