Everyone likes being spoilt, which is presumably why pampering gifts always sell like hotcakes. But how much would you be prepared to pay for a relaxing massage or a rub down? What about a nice, cleansing facial – what would you stretch to for that? 30 quid? 50? Whatever your limit, though, chances are you won’t be splashing out in any of the most expensive spas in the world. Just take a look at these eye-wateringly pricy treatments. Let’s start in Blighty before heading abroad…  www.luxerose.com

Crème de la Mer Treatments – Harrods

First of all, there’s a choice. You can either plump for the facial, the ultimate facial or the ultimate experience, at £120, £160 and £230 respectively. So what do you get? Well, Harrods band around words like ‘sea quartz’, ‘diamond dust’ and the legendary ‘Miracle Broth’, all of which are designed to invigorate, soften and soothe. Then there’s the generous application of Crème de la Mer, with all its ‘vital benefits’. Still seems a tad steep.

Talise Rediscover – Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai

The bath bit sounds fine, but we’re not sure about the all-over sugar body polish. Wouldn’t it be rather sticky? Anyway, what follows is a blend of clay and herbal tonics massaged into your scalp, a proper massage and then some you-time in a private steam room. Then there’s the hotel’s signature marine facial that uses sea minerals and algae to help balance your complexion. And all this for a mere $720. A snip at twice the price.

Grand Luxe Facial – Spa Radiance in San Francisco

Brace yourself, because the jargon involved in Spa Radiance’s $750 Grand Luxe Facial is tongue-twistingly silly. This three-hour facial uses Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion and Purikiss Microcurrent Disencrustation, the latter of which apparently gets rid of your blackheads and whatnot. Then your skin is steamed in an Italian herb healing mask, before you get a warm enzyme exfoliating hand thingy, caviar eye treatment, hand-softening protein drops and LED light therapy to heal damaged skin. Yeah, right.

The Art of Indulgence – Mandarin Oriental in New York

At $1,034, this five-hour treatment includes an ‘Oriental Harmony rubdown’. It’s a very fancy-Dan way of saying you’ll have two aestheticians massage you with oils like ylang ylang and sweet orange. They’ll also give you an Awaken facial, which is designed to increase circulation, while after this there’s an exfoliating paraffin wax manicure and pedicure. We’ve no idea why they couldn’t round it down to an even grand.

Evian Bath – Spa V at Hotel Victor in Florida

It doesn’t get pricier than this. At $5,000, it basically involves a bath filled with 1,000 bottles of Evian water and sprinkled with rose petals. Then you get a bottle of champers, some chocolate dessert from the hotel’s restaurant and two spa treatments. But before you go booking, bear this in mind – one, it’s only available to guests staying in the hotel’s penthouse. And two, we reckon you could do this yourself for a fraction of the price. Let us break it down for you.

The bath at Spa V holds nearly 350 gallons. That’s around 1,591 litres. If you buy in bulk, you can get 12 1.5-litre bottles of Evian for under £9. You’d need around 89 to fill the bath, meaning your total spend on water would be approximately £770. Next the roses. Depending on how many petals you want, you could buy either 50 or 100 roses for £160 or £350 respectively. Bottle of champagne for £30, slice of chocolate dessert from Sainsbury’s for say £3, and two spa treatments at around £40 each makes it a grand total of between £1,043 and £1,233. That saves you around £2,000! Bargain.

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