Jaguar safaris are among the most enthralling wildlife excursions a nature enthusiast can embark on. This elegant and graceful animal is renowned for being elusive and seeing one in its natural habitat makes for a remarkable and truly memorable experience. Brazil, and more specifically The Pantanal Region, is one of the best places to get up close to these magnificent cats. Jaguar safaris in this wonderfully diverse environment top the list of many people’s must-do wildlife adventures – and it’s no surprise why.

The Pantanal Jaguars

The biodiversity of Brazil is considered to be ‘mega’ amongst conservation experts, as a country that harbours a huge number of animal and plant species. The vast area of Brazil is home to almost a third of the entire rainforest coverage on the planet. The Pantanal region is the natural habitat for almost 2000 species of bird, many of which are endemic to the region. The mammal species count tops 500 and there is almost the same number of reptiles residing in the area.

Jaguars are usually solitary animals but they, like all other animals in the rainforest, need a constant supply of water. The best time to spot them, therefore, is in the dry season when water is scarce and they are forced to congregate close to the vicinity of the diminishing watering holes. These big cats need not worry about predators, however, as no other animal in the rainforest dares threaten them. But they use the time at the watering holes to stalk their own prey, and on occasion those on Jaguar safaris may witness a strike in action – an awesome sight indeed.

At other times of the year, when water flows in abundance, the Jaguar is more secretive, preferring to bunker down deep in the forest; the densest populations are found in the lowland forests of The Amazon Basin. When booking Jaguar safaris, ensure you choose one that caters for small groups and is accompanied by an expert naturalist guide. The local guides are invaluable when out tracking wildlife, being entirely familiar with the rainforest life and the daily patterns of the different animals.

It is easy to confuse the Jaguar with the Leopard [as many do], but the former has distinctive small dots and irregular shapes within the larger rosette markings on the body. They are generally more muscular, slightly stockier and have a shorter tail. In The Pantanal Region there is no confusion, however, as the Jaguar is the only member of the Panthera family that is found in the Americas.

Jaguar Safaris on Water

Make the most of your safari and take a trip on one of the boats that cruise the rivers of the Porto Jofre region. The boats allow you to get deep into the jungle and are the perfect stage from which to observe the magnificent cats in their natural habitat. You may also be lucky enough to spot the Giant Otters, alligators, Anteaters and many other fascinating creatures that make up the delicate ecosystem that presides here. You can enjoy the comfort and safety of the boat whilst getting real feeling of immersion in this compelling environment.

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