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Why is it that 60s and 70s costumes have become so common again in our society? Over the past few years the Retro look has become huge. It has, once again, become enormously popular to wear clothes that, not so very long ago, would have caused only laughter. If in the 80s or early 90s you had taken to walking around in a flowery shirt, over sized sunglasses and a pair of flared trousers then you would soon have lost any ‘street cred’ that had previously been yours.

Maybe it was in the later 90s when groups like ‘Pulp’ helped to introduce ‘Geek Chic’ and began to sport such common 70s costumes such as argyle tank tops and duffel coats, that it all kicked off. At that time music was becoming increasingly stagnant. People were tiring of endless anonymous remixes and dance tracks. British music needed identity and energy putting back into it. This made way for the advent of ‘Brit Pop’ with bands such as ‘Oasis’ and ‘Blur’ at the forefront. To put the ‘Britishness’ back into modern music people began to look back to the 60s and 70s which had typified it so well.

From the 90s the Retro scene has carried on strong. We have seen the return of many things that we thought had been forgotten long ago, even with children’s toys and games such as ‘Twister’, ‘Ker-Plunk!’ and the much loved ‘Space Hopper’. In the music scene, many bands have an image built around 70s costumes and a sound that is reminiscent of classic bands of the era such as ‘The Who’ or ‘The Rolling Stones’. We have even had a strong resurgence of Punk bands which was what finally closed the 1970s.

Television and cinema have both been very much influenced by the Retro vibe. We have had seemingly endless reworkings of films and programs from thirty or forty odd years ago. Clothes shops are full of 70s costumes and accessories. Many young people walk around in the latest fashions and remain totally oblivious that their parents, at the same age, were dressed in a virtually identical way. Even things like fancy dress parties have been influenced.

So, is the world of fashion and design running out of ideas? Is it so desperate to come up with something different that it has had to go back in time? Well, to be fair, fashion has always been influenced by the designs of the past to some degree. If you are old enough to actually remember wearing some of the 70s costumes that are so popular again then it can be a little tedious to go through it all again though. The design of clothing can only come up with so many ideas before it gets to a point where it has done just about all there is to do.

When the obsession with 70s costumes, furniture, toys and music will finally burn itself out, is anyone’s guess but the 80s is

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