Should you buy a spare bowling ball?

If you are starting to get serious about the sport of bowling, this is likely a question that you have been asking yourself. Of course, in a sense, the answer to this questions stems from the answer to this question: “How much do you want to invest in this sport?”

Most people would prefer to invest a lot of time, rather than a lot of money, right? After all, the time that you invest into bowling is time that you get to spend bowling. What could be better?

Now, back to the question at hand… should you buy yourself a spare bowling ball? My answer to this question is simple: no. Well, alright. The answer is not actually a flat “no.” There are some “if’s” attached.

· If you already have a polyester beginner’s ball…

· If you do not yet have a good mid grade bowling ball…

And if you already have a polyester beginner’s ball, then that can easily be transformed into your new spare bowling ball – go out and spend the money you were saving up for a spare bowling ball and buy a better, mid-grade bowling ball – a strike ball!

If you do not yet have a good, mid grade bowling ball, this is a much more important bowling ball to invest your money into. This does not mean that spare bowling balls are not just as important, because they are. It is just that your money is better spent on a nice, mid-grade bowling ball.

Mid-grade bowling balls are generally more expensive than spare bowling balls. There are many different ones with different coverstocks and cores for you to choose from. You want to get one that is going to hook just right for you.

So, why is it that you can use your beginner’s ball as a spare bowling ball? Well, many beginner’s balls are plastic or polyester balls – these are the types of “house” balls that you will generally find at a bowling alley. Beginner’s like them because they generally go straight and easy, with no hook.

This is why people also love to use polyester balls as spare bowling balls. The polyester cover of one of these spare bowling balls has a low friction and it therefore skids more and also continues on a straighter trajectory. When you are shooting spares, you want your ball to remain on a straight trajectory.

These polyester, spare bowling balls are also good for use on very dry lane conditions. A good spare bowling ball will not grip the lane and will go where you send them – polyester balls tend to do this.

So, if you already have a polyester ball, one that you learned how to bowl with, you do not need to go out and buy a brand new spare bowling ball. You may want to move ahead and put your beginner ball behind you, but there is a place for still in your game! It can easily become your new spare bowling ball!

Now that you know you have a fine spare bowling ball, already, go out and spend your money on a good, new strike ball, instead!

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