We are living in an age where two things are king – information and money.

An active pursuit of knowledge in your chosen field will ultimately lead to you being paid more. Put simply, the more expert you become the more highly sought will be your expertise. So, increased knowledge can lead to more money.

Let’s talk about money just for a moment. Are there lines that you will not cross in your pursuit of it?

Throughout history millions of mis-guided people have done all sorts of scurrilous things to obtain it. But at what price? Death, dishonor, imprisonment, ridicule, personal grief…

Some people have such low standards. They will do virtually anything for money. What are you prepared to do for money? Do you have a code of honor? https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

Let’s put money into perspective. Just imagine that you have every dollar, every rupiah, every pound, every deutschemark and every other piece of every currency in the world. It’s all yours. But there is one hitch – you are the only person left alive. Everybody else is dead. Would having all that money make you happy?

The real power of having money is in sharing it and trading it with others.

On a vacation to the United Kingdom several years ago I noticed a lot of graffiti. It was everywhere. Some bright spark had written in large letters on the outside of a toilet wall: “I will do almost anything for 10 pounds.” There was a telephone number underneath the scrawl. But the message below that really made me wonder. It said: “I will do ANYTHING for 20 pounds.” And there was a telephone number accompanying that message too.

Now, I don’t know whether either or both messages were for real or were just some silly pranksters trying to be humorous but it got me thinking. I wondered just how low some people would stoop to get money. So, the next time you feel desperate for money and consider doing something for it that you would rather nobody else ever got to know about just think of having all the money in the world and nobody to share it with. It’s a sobering thought, isn’t it?

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