One example: an online forum member asks other members what they recommend she do to prevent her cracked windshield from getting worse. She got many answers, some unhelpful: self-repair methods, including using clear plastic and a carcinogenic glue, and using clear nail polish, Super and Crazy Glue, liquid porcelain, adhesives, or windshield-repair kits; tinting the windshield; etching around the crack with a glass cutter or diamond; covering the crack with duct, cello, or packaging tape; drilling a hole at the end of the crack; keeping away from bumps and potholes; keeping away from summer heat and sunlight and winter defrosting; putting in a junkyard windshield; refraining from using the car; and smashing the windshield out of the car with a baseball bat. The functional responses were about professionally repairing or replacing the windshield for minimal or zero cost.

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