Just like many of the public, you probably enjoy reading magazines, maybe even on a daily basis. Probably because magazines come in almost every subject and are geared toward men, women and children as well. Magazines can be about anything. Focusing on subjects from art to architecture, to health To beauty and everything in between. But like most people, you probably pay full cover price for your magazines. The best solution is to get the publications you already read at a lower price by buying a magazine subscription.

You know those little annoying cards in every magazine that make you crazy because you just cant flip through it without skipping a ton of pages? Those pesky little things are magazine subscription cards! Who knew? The best thing you can do is tear one of those little things out, fill in the requested information and send it off. Most are even postage paid so you don’t even need a stamp.

Most companies need a week or two to process your magazine subscription, but typically the fine print on the car will inform you how long it will take. Once the publishing company has your subscription, you will receive your first issue of the magazine you requested along with a bill. However, the bill may also be sent separately from the magazine.

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