This is going to take some research and a well prepared document that shows in detail how many customers you expect to start business with, how much you will charge for your services, how much overhead and upkeep will cost and how much of your income can go toward paying back the debt. Each of these figures must be grounded in reality. If you already have 20 customers that you will bring into the business from your contract work, then you have the grounds for this evaluation because you know the kind of income you can generate from those customers.

Also be prepared to document how you will grow the business so the lender knows you have a plan for success that will result in full repayment of the loan. If you are using investors, they want to know they will make money from your business as well. If you do your homework and document your business well, you will have no trouble getting the funding you need to jump start your new lawn care business. You will be on your way to an exciting new adventure in managing your own business to great success and financial reward.

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