The lawn care business is all about customer service. Your workers no doubt have the perception that all you do is cut grass. But in reality you are creating an environment for a home or business. You don’t “work for” that lawn or green space that you work on. You work for a customer and the satisfaction of that customer is what will determine if you will be working on that lawn one time or if you have landed a long term customer who will use you for a wide variety of projects.

The lawn care business thrives on customer service. And as the owner of that lawn care business, it is you who has direct contact with the customer. In a way, you have to have two skills. You must be a master of yard care to guide your workers to do a professional job on each yard. But you also must be a master of customer relations and even psychology to understand the customer and to find out what you can do to make that customer happy.

Part of great customer service means giving your customers ample opportunity to stay in touch with you. That means if they need to call you to reschedule their yard care appointment, to ask a question or even to complain, they don’t get put through a phone answering system that sends them to a recording. Give them your cell phone number and no matter where you are, answer that phone. You might even have a cell phone you carry at all times that is only for customers to use to get in touch with you. This might change when you have thousands of customers. But most lawn care services are very local and you know your customers well. Let them get to you so you can answer their concerns instantaneously.

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