Team Up

We mentioned earlier how having featured videos could help you start a positive relationship with other YouTubers and this is a very useful strategy. ‘Influencer marketing’ is the process of reaching out to the biggest influencers and thought leaders in your niche and then getting them to work with you.

For instance, you might find someone else who vlogs on the same subject you do and then have them conduct and interview with you or vice versa. Alternatively, you might make videos that complement one another or give each other a shoutout. This way, you can exchange some of your followers with each other and this is a mutually highly beneficial technique. Don’t be afraid to contact people!

Embed and Share Your Videos

The great thing about YouTube videos is that they’re so easy to embed and share. If you have a website, then you should definitely be embedding your videos there and you can even use widgets that will show your most recent videos in the right hand column every time you upload them. Likewise, you should be sharing your videos to forums, to Reddit, to social media and more. Get it out there and you’ll increase your views and exposure.

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