This means you will have to buckle down and study a little harder, but it is worth it for the cost savings. (An added benefit of this is that if you are busy studying you won’t have as much leisure time to fill with entertainment expenses.) Get a study buddy. With all the homework you are doing, you may feel the need for some extra help. Instead of hiring a tutor, consider joining or forming a study group. Not only will you benefit from the cost savings, but so with your friends and classmates. Even just pairing up with a fellow classmate an hour before or after class could make a big difference. Earn while you lear

n. Itandrsquo;s not always possible to attend school full-time and also hold down a job. A creative way to earn a little extra cash is to offer some assistance to a grad student. Grad students are often in need of a helping hand. If you are going to the library anyway, it may be just as easy to pick up a couple extra books, make some copies, or gather some additional research

If you find yourself being the smartest in your study group, consider offering your services as a tutor for others. Purchase pre-owned. Your school probably has a bookstore on campus that includes used versions in their inventory. When possible, buy these instead of their newer counterparts, and take good care of them – you will likely be able to sell them back when you you done. Also, for most students, there is no need to purchase a brand new computer. The classified section in your schoolandrsquo;s newspaper would be great place to start your search. Otherwise your cityandrsquo;s local paper or community websites like Craigslist can be good resources for pre-owned or refurbished computers

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