e and you are wasting the court’s time.

Abandon the Suit : it’s also possible that you and your attorney will decide to desert your claim. You can reach the belief that you will lose at trial, or you will run out of cash if you are funding the law yourself, and you don’t have any alternative but to stroll away as you can’t put any more cash into the case.
Out-of-Court Settlement : the most probable result of most kinds of civil litigation is an out-of-court settlement. The complainant and defendant and their attorneys meet and hash out a settlement that everyone can live with. When you go to trial, either side can win enormous or lose gigantic, and that is risky and frightful. So the likeliest result, if you and your attorney have been aggressively prosecuting your claim, is that at some point the parties will agree to meet and debate a settlement. The issue is this sometimes may happen later than earlier. Both sides will hang tricky for the initial few months, looking to wear down the opposite side.

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