In doing my maintenance I have no contact with the outside world, itandrsquo;s just me and the machine yet I am inadvertently serving the customer every time I replenish a riveted plastic cup. I clean every inside corner and hinge as if it were the inside of my own kitchen and take my time polishing the finger marked front. As I therapeutically wipe the coin storage system I think about all sorts of things from what I am having for dinner that night to how many children I would one day like to have. Itandrsquo;s my time for contemplation and reflection.

Hybrid machines have also come on the market in recent years. These offer the best quality bean to cup coffee – as well as an in-cup selection of teas and hot chocolates etc. Unlike, the simple maintenance demanded of 100 percent in-cup machines, hybrid machines demand more care and cleaning that is associated with vending machines of the past.

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