How To Be Popular. The term popular has many meanings so I decided to look it up in Webster’s Online Dictionary (2012).

Popular: appealing to or appreciated by a wide range of people, liked by a person or group of people.  GETIX.ID

This definition made me think about how I fit into that explanation. I am appreciated by a wide range of people when I show up for work, or get up in the morning and make breakfast for the family. I hope that I am appealing to those individuals I see on a daily basis and all those individuals I interact with during my hectic work day. How Do I Become Popular? If this is the definition of being popular, then I have held that title for many years. But for someone who is entering public school, the definition of popular goes way beyond being liked by random strangers.

Popularity is a status that is not given to just anyone during pubescent years followed by adulthood until we age out and don’t really care about it anymore. With so many cliques, clubs, gangs, groups, and other social identifiers at school, no one definition can determine what is popular. For example, if you are active in sports and very good at it, this talent could make you popular in your circle. If you step out of the sports world and enter into the drama club, your popularity status may drop down a few notches in their world but you still are considered popular, just not like you were in sports world. Popularity can have its ups and downs.

Being popular is a state of mind and how you feel about yourself as an individual. Popularity comes with a heavy price and sometimes that price can cause you heart ache, pain, suffering, and sometimes your life. With anything that holds great power comes responsibility and being popular can have that control over you.

If being popular there are many things that you can do in order to help that status you are trying to accomplish. Ways To Become Popular

What type of crowd are you hanging around? Who you are interacting with can determine how far you will go in becoming popular. (Athletes, musicians, dancers, gang members, honor students). Do a quick inventory on what motivates you to get up in the morning. Does your phone ring or do you make others phone ring?


Who is paying your way around town? Are your parents financing your habits or you responsible enough to make your own way? I know that sometimes you may be too young to get a job, but there are other ways to make money around the house, neighborhood, or city. How creative are you to come up with making money (legally)that shows you have some type of entrepreneur capability in your future that will get your peers to notice you.


Get up and look in the mirror. How does your hair, nails, teeth, and other noticeable parts of your body appear to others. If you walked into a room of people, what type of first impression will you give off. You do not have to own the top of the line name brand clothes to look like a million bucks. Inner charm and personality is something that all the money in the world cannot buy. Walk in a room like you own it and have people wondering what secret you know about looking good and smelling good.

Popularity is a state of mind and regardless of how many people know you or how many people you know will not change how you feel about yourself. How To Be Popular is just another way for people to put you in a category to cast mean words at your self-esteem and ego. Don’t fall for it. Do you and stay just the way you are. An Individual!

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