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NOTE: If your gateway is an ARRIS  https://1921680.one/ see Changing the Wi-Fi password for your ARRIS 5168 gateway.

You can change your in-home Wi-Fi encryption and password through logging in to mySASKTEL or the gateway.

Using mySASKTEL, a password change can take 1 to two mins to attain the gateway
If you use mySASKTEL and the brand new password doesn’t work, you may attempt once more in mySASKTEL or log in to the gateway to trade your password
You should log in to the gateway to change your password for a 5 GHz Wi-Fi community (if to be had to your gateway)

Log in to the mySASKTEL cellular app
Log in to mySASKTEL (browser / computing device model)
Log in to the gateway
After converting your password
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