The Chicago Bears are cheering the retirement (supposed) of Brett Favre more than any other team in the NFL. Why? Because after 17 years, it has stopped being Chicago Bears hunting season in Green Bay.

Brett Favre considered the Chicago Bears his own personal punching bag during his reign with the Packers. In the end stages of Favre’s career, the Chicago Bears finally caught up with Favre, going 6-2 under Head Coach Lovie Smith. However, before Smith’s arrival, Favre tore up the Chicago Bears, only making the heated rivalry all the more smoldering. Did not matter whether it was in Chicago or Green Bay, Bear season was in session.

To tell a Bears fan that Chicago went through 21 different Quarterbacks while Favre started every game for the Green Bay Packers over the past 16 years, means that you are looking for a fight. Some teams just have no luck with certain positions, and Quarterback has been snake eyes for the Chicago Bears. Conversely, Chicago fans have had #4 rubbed in their eye for so long, it is almost hard to recall the Green Bay Packers with another Quarterback at the helm.

So the Chicago Bears continue on their merry way, hoping against hope that someone, anyone, will come to the forefront of what will no doubt be another Quarterback competition next season in Chicago. At least this year, they will not be staring north and seeing what could have been, had one draft pick in the past 16 years been a quality Quarterback for the Bears.



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