Abandoned: the sports game or part of is not carried out. Example sentence: A Tornado caused the Football match to be abandoned.

Action: a wager on a gambling event. Example sentence: I have action on the Atlanta and Chicago game.

Accumulator: a multiple wager that involves selecting two or more games. The more games selected the higher the potential winnings however to win the wager all the selected games must win. Example sentence: I was so close to winning my accumulator but my 3rd pick lost by one goal.  https://www.bookiesbets.co.uk/

Ajax: slang term used in the UK to explain the betting tax. Example sentence: The Government has an Ajax on betting.

Arbitrage: to bet on both participating teams in a match and make a profit regardless of the outcome because of the variation of odds. Example sentence: Arbitrage is the practice of finding favorable odds for both teams and then placing a wager on them both in such a way that guarantees you make money regardless of the match winner.

ATS: against the spread. It is the opposite of betting with the spread and involves taking points when placing a bet (e.g. -4). Example sentence: I have wagered on the Indianapolis Colts to win against the spread of -4, in other words I only win if the Colts score more than 4 points.

Bad beat: is when the opposition has a slim chance of winning the match so you back the other team and lose. Example sentence: It was a really bad beat as the most unlikely of teams to win overcame the other team that was heavily favored to win.

Backed: a team that has the majority of support from bettors. Example sentence: A lot of gamblers have backed the Dallas Stars.

Bankroll: is a set amount of money you have put aside for gambling purposes. Example sentence: I established a bankroll of $500 to gamble with at Las Vegas next weekend.

Beef: a disagreement over the outcome of a wager. Example sentence: The Sportsbook is saying I lost but I have beef because I know I won the bet.

Beard: some bettors like to keep their identity hidden so they employ other people to gamble on their behalf. Example sentence: I don’t want to be directly associated with gambling so I hired a beard.

Bookie: a individual who accepts wagers from punters. Example sentence: I placed a wager on the local football match with my Bookie.

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